A modern sign-in system designed for clubs

Easy for patrons and clubs to use

ClubPASS offers patrons the quickest and easiest sign-in experience within participating NSW clubs. Whether they’re members, visitors or guests, patrons simply scan the club’s QR code with their smart phone to sign in. And for clubs? All your venue needs is an internet connection — no ClubPASS hardware is required.

Complies with club rules and requirements

ClubPASS will let you know if the patron signing in lives inside or outside the club radius determining whether they should be a member or visitor. Membership status can also be attached to their ClubPASS account to let you know when it expires.

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Stats at your fingertip

The ClubPASS admin portal allows you to download the patron entry register data, as well as details of all patrons who have entered your club. Secure data protection is in place to ensure that only you have access to the interactions your patrons have had with your venues.

How ClubPASS works for club venues

Why choose ClubPASS?

Fast sign-in

Quick and easy sign-in at participating NSW clubs with the scan of a QR code.

Club compliance

Detects membership status and residential radius of patrons entering your club.

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Membership integration

Integrate your club membership system with ClubPASS for easy access to membership data.

COVID Safe Check-In

Seamless integration with Service NSW. Patrons can sign into a club and complete their COVID Safe Check-in in one single scan.

Club and patron insights

View patron entry register data, as well as details of all patrons who have entered your club.

Security of personal data

ClubPASS has been designed to protect your patrons' personal details.

Patron management

Intuitive lobby screen to detect the status (MVSE, unverified, banned) of patrons entering your club.

Low fees

Cost starting from $150 (ex. GST) per quarter for small clubs. For full details on pricing, visit the FAQs.

Ongoing updates

We’re constantly improving the ClubPASS experience for both clubs and their patrons.

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